Locations: Penal, San Fernando & Chaguanas

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. Q: Do I need to be home to receive my order? A: You do not need be home but you should designate someone there to check the goods being delivered and sign for receiving them.
  2. Q: What if i do not have a credit card? A: You can visit any of the 4 Physical Stores, order your items there and pay with cash or debit card. Note: Store prices may not be the same as online prices.
  3. Q: What if I receive a damaged item? A: You must return the damaged item with the delivery driver.
  4. Q: If I receive a damaged item, will you deliver a new 1 to me? A: If the cost of the damaged item is less than $1000 we will replace it but we will not be able to send a new delivery to you. We will deliver a replacement item to our Physical Store that is closest to your Location.
  5. Q: What if I no one is @ home to receive my delivery or sign for receiving the goods? A: Our delivery rates are relatively low as our couriers will perform multiple deliveries each day. We will call you before the cargo leaves our warehouse and we will also call you when we are close to your home, if you are still not able to be home to receive the cargo you will forfeit the delivery fee plus 20% of your order.
  6. Q: Can I return an item that I did not use and get a refund? A: We can accept returns on all items except Tiles once it is returned to the Penal Warehouse in the original packaging without any dents or scratches within 5 days of purchase. There is a 20% restocking fee that will apply to returns.
  7. Q: Can I order an item Online and have it delivered to 1 of your Physical Stores? A: Some small lightweight items such as electronics or mobile phones, we can arrange this but you must pick up the item within 5 days.
  8. Q: I ordered an item online but I did not receive a call back from you. A: If you order an item after 4pm, we will call you the next working day to make delivery and payment arrangements. Note: You would have received an automated email notification that your order is being processed if you filled out the order form correctly. It is essential that you give us your correct email and Phone number.
  9. Q: Are your prices online Vat inclusive? A: Yes.