Locations: Penal, San Fernando & Chaguanas

About us

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Shopping should be a Joyful Experience



We started manufacturing wooden doors in 1980 and then steel panel doors and steel windows in 1991. Up until 2004, we were the ONLY company in the Caribbean manufacturing Steel Panel doors with a polyurethane core. All of these products were sold to Hardwares in Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada and St. Lucia.

Our 1st retail store located on Scott St., in San Fernando opened its doors in 2006. Since then we have Opened 2 more retail showrooms. Please click Here for Physical Store addresses and directions.

With the advent of social media and its immense popularity in Trinidad & Tobago, we have seen the need for an "Online Store". Never again miss a SALE because you are out of the country or you can't visit our Physical Store before the SALE ends...now you can enjoy the same great service and prices online that we offer @ the Physical Stores.

The Online Store operates independently from the Physical Stores so there are some items that may only be available online as there may be some items that are only available @ the Physical Stores. We will state clearly on the product description if the item is available online only.