Locations: Penal, San Fernando & Chaguanas

Delivery Rates

Why Use our Delivery Service?

  • We have 9 delivery trucks that are stationed @ Warehouses in Penal, Chaguanas & Aranguez, we will deliver your goods faster and cheaper.
  • You will save a lot of money on Fuel and Wear & Tear on your vehicle.
  • We know that your time is valuable, Why waste it standing in line to pay for goods or waiting to get your goods loaded?
  • If you Pick Up your goods yourself and damage it during transport, the loss is yours to bear. We are responsible for goods that get damaged during transit.
  • We usually schedule all deliveries between 9am - 5pm as this is the time that most people are home to receive the goods.

We usually use UPS or DHL for Clothing Deliveries. Clothing deliveries are FREE and is usually done within 2 days.

The delivery fee will depend on:

  • Weight and Dimensions of the items
  • Which Warehouse it is being Delivered From
  • Planned deliveries in your area
  • The date and time that your order is required (The delivery fee can be a bit less if you are flexible with the date and time that you need to receive the items)
  • Type of Truck Required for the Delivery